19th edition of REHA FOR THE BLIND IN POLAND (2021)

Szansa - Jesteśmy Razem

A few words about the history of REHA

We initiated the REHA conference in 1999 to mark the 10th anniversary of the implementation of the modern rehabilitation plan for the blind and partially sighted. Currently, REHA is an event on a global scale. Thanks to it, prominent blind people became ambassadors of the Polish model of rehabilitation and social activation.

REHA in numbers – records of all time

  • 33 events that make up a coherent whole of REHA,
  • Over 5,000 participants,
  • 62 exhibitors at the exhibition organized during the central meeting
  • in Warsaw,
  • About 100 employees serving this project,
  • Over 250 volunteers from all over the country,
  • 21 foreign delegations who meet with us during the conference entitled East-West Meeting,
  • 15 coaches available to our beneficiaries during the meeting in Warsaw,
  • Almost 900 participants who can stay in Warsaw hotels for free.

Previous editions of REHA enjoyed great interest, both in Poland and abroad. Despite the pandemic, over a thousand beneficiaries personally participated in last year’s events. We hosted scientists, politicians, artists, doctors, and social activists to whom the situation of the blind and visually impaired is not indifferent. We were able to invite hundreds of Internet users from various countries to participate on-line. We translated the proceedings into many languages, including English, Hebrew and Arabic. Satisfied with the results of our efforts, we decided to develop this initiative.

About this year’s Meeting

It will be exceptional. On the one hand, we will take into account the fact of the growing popularity of REHA, and on the other hand, the 30th anniversary of the Foundation. REHA 2021 is 16 substantive conferences and 16 integration meetings in the capitals of all provinces. On September 10-13, a central meeting in Warsaw will be held, summarizing the regional meetings. The theme of this year’s conference will be „Accessibility for real – authentic reduction of the effects of disability in the pursuit of equalizing life chances”. Due to the pandemic, we will develop Internet transmission of many elements of the Conference. We have planned to translate the presentations into 12 foreign languages. We will broadcast lectures, discussion panels, sports and cultural competitions, as well as visits to museums, historic buildings and other public institutions.

REHA 2021

  • As part of this year’s project, we plan to:
  • 16 substantive conferences and 16 separate integration meetings in the capitals of all voivodeships;
  • Meeting and central conference in Warsaw on September 10-13;
  • Substantive sessions on accessibility in the broadest sense and on the requirements of real rehabilitation and emancipation of the blind and visually impaired;
  • Concerts with disabled artists;
  • 3-stage IDOL competition: regional, national and global; we will present the blind and partially sighted as well as able-bodied people, devoting their time and abilities to our environment, being an example for others;
  • Popular science lectures and discussion panels in 6 thematic blocks (36 panels in total);
  • Rehabilitation workshops;
  • Technology exhibitions and a special ph .: „World of Touch and Sound”;
  • Visits to cultural institutions and other public places in terms of their accessibility for people with visual disabilities;
  • Holy Mass for the blind, celebrated in the Basilica of the Immaculate, All-Mediatrix of Graces in Niepokalanów;
  • On-line transmission translated into 12 languages: English, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, German, Lithuanian, Georgian, Romanian, French, Spanish, Italian, Bulgarian.


Candidates are submitted via the website: https://idol.chancefortheblind.org/

More information in the regulations:

IDOL Competition Regulations (PDF)

Accessibility Toolbar