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Chance for the Blind Foundation was founded in 1992 by the blind and their sighted friends. Our activities are mainly focused on supporting persons who lost their vision, and contemporary medicine does not give them hope to change the situation. In Europe and North America, the blind are well-rehabilitated and have all devices they need to live as independently as possible, almost like sighted people do.

Chance for the Blind Foundation makes a great effort to adapt this situation into Polish conditions. Above all, we are an organisation that helps the blind and partially sighted to live as independently as possible and achieve successes. Our beneficiaries participate in professional trainings and workshops, during which they receive all necessary aids, such as guidebooks, concerning contemporary rehabilitation.

Our consultation points

Our Foundation, apart from its seat in Warsaw, holds sixteen different offices located in sixteen biggest cities of Poland. Every such office provides a professional help to the blind, partially sighted, and their families. Our consultations are also given to the representatives of institutions and organisations working for them. In all our offices, there are magic devices which help the blind “to see more”. Among these devices, we have: braille displays, all kinds of talking devices useful in everyday life, such as: manometeres, thermometeres, watches, and many others.  If you want to find out more about our consultation points, please go to “our offices” section of this website.

The International Conference REHA FOR THE BLIND IN POLAND
A very important event, that Chance for the Blind Foundation organises annually is the International Conference reha for the blind in poland. This is the biggest event of its kind in the middle and Eastern Europe and, since several years, even in the whole world. REHA FOR THE BLIND IN POLAND Is an amazing conference not only for the blind and visually impaired, but also for everyone who wants to get to know this community. Every year, REHA attracts several thousand people from different, also distant countries, like: Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, or Kenya. Several previous editions of our conference were held under the honorary patronage of the First Lady of Poland. The 15th edition was also held under the honorary patronage of the President of the Republic of Poland.

Foundation’s campaigns

Chance for the Blind Foundation leads many social campaigns. The biggest, and most successful one, was the campaign entitled “tyflobus widzieć więcej”. The main goal of this project was to raise awareness of problems and barriers that the blind and partially sighted people have to face in their everyday lives. We also wanted to show the solutions to these problems. In order to inform as many people as possible about this campaign, we organised trips around the whole country. We wanted everyone to see that blind people can be independent. This experience taught us how important and necessary our work is.

Our publications

We are specialized in publishing various works devoted to the blind and visually impaired persons’ community. We publish various kinds of books. Among them, there are: guidebooks, workbooks, and cookbooks.

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